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About Us at Toolvolt UK

Image Client is an official stockist of Draper, Knipex and Monument brand name tools and products. We are located in Bristol & we ship to the whole of UK mainland. Like some other online retailers, we do not have a showroom for you to visit, this enables us to keep our costs down to a minimum and pass this saving back to you the customer.

We started to trade on ebay and the results were very good, which you can see from our Feedback comments. From the success of a limited amount of items on our ebay store, we decided to open a full E-comerse web shop, where we can offer all of our products at a very good price.

Our pictures for all of our items I hope you will find of great use, as we have managed to use high definition quality images, so you can see for yourself in a close up style format and also includes the whole item.


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